• Payload from 30 – 800 kg (higher on demand)
  • Tailormade to customer specifications
  • Speed X axis 2,5 m/s
  • Speed Y (3 axis) 2,5 m/s
  • Speed Z axis 1,5 m/s
  • Repeatability +/- 1 mm
  • Individual gripper design

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Food & Medical

Building Material

Tire Industry

Cable Industry

Packing Materials

Foil Reel Handling

Smart design for optimum production flow

Can handle items weighing up to hundreds of kilos at high speed, good accuracy, and repeatability. Robot Gantries can be delivered with up to 3 motion axis, and for maximum capacity in tandem design.

The robot can be supplied with a specially designed gripper or with a standard flange for installation of your own gripper. The Gantry robot can be delivered as a standalone unit or as an integral part of a complete material handling system.

The gantry robot handling unit has a compact footprint by using a modular frame design enabling 1 to +20 locations. The smooth robot handling of your products eliminates the risk of damages and flexibility for stacking/handling various size products.

When customer demand is rising, the product handling often becomes a bottleneck. Gantry robots can take your production capacity and flexibility to the next level.

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